Noise / Vibrations

FINE™/Acoustics is a fully CFD Integrated environment dedicated to Aero-Vibro-Acoustic simulations. It provides the capabilities to solve a wide range of aeroacoustics and fully coupled vibro-acoustic problems, from simple pre-design calculations to detailed large scale analyses of complex systems.


GUI for all the modeling steps, from the initial pre-processing, to the solvers’ execution, up to the final post-processing and analysis of results

Direct import of the CFD mesh and advanced projection of the CFD results onto the acoustic mesh

Import of structural meshes and results (for vibro-acoustics)

Import of acoustic meshes generated by HEXPRESS™/Hybrid

Acoustic mesh generation from coarsening or shrink-wrapping of the imported CFD and structural meshes

Large set of acoustic boundary conditions and equivalent acoustic sources.

Easy application of boundary conditions and flexible definition of multiple-domains

FlowNoise (DSNG) solver for the prediction of BROADBAND noise produced by “isotropic” turbulence, relying on a cost-effective CFD RANS analysis

Frequency Response solver (coupled FEM/BEM), modeling the sound propagation in presence of non-uniform mean flow

Strong integration within the FINE™/Turbo Non Linear Harmonic (NLH) CFD method, specifically suited to compute TONAL noise

Ffowcs-Williams & Hawkings (FW-H) solver, implementing the acoustic analogy to model noise radiated by fixed/rotating, solid/permeable surfaces

Eigenvalues (FEM) to evaluate natural acoustic modes (cavity modes), coupled vibro-acoustic modes and modal damping with sound absorption material.

A single integrated solver (coupled BEM-FEM).

Parallelization of all stages (coefficient calculations, system solution, and microphones evaluation).

Cluster solver availability: Windows, Linux (MPI Based)

2D plots (e.g. spectra or time histories at virtual microphones and nodes).

Average evaluator to extract sound power, impedance, intensity, etc. on groups of elements

Representation in linear frequencies and 1/3 octave bands

Automatic calculation of Transmission Loss (e.g. in mufflers)

3D view of computed acoustic fields and distributions

Animation of complex fields (fringe plots)

Recursive execution through batch files (ASCII)

Export of solutions (plots, fields) in proprietary and ASCII file formats