NumIbérica CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics


Benefit from expert skills in CFD for your applications.
Fine tune CFD software for your design process.

NumIbérica CFD


We offer engineering services for CFD projects:

• High-quality mesh generation
• Flow simulations and advanced post-processing.

We are experienced in turbomachinery CFD, hydraulic systems, naval and aerospace applications.


We offer training courses to CADENCE CFD and CFturbo software on premise or on-line.

We propose customized trainings: after identifying your needs, we will prepare the training session accordingly by working directly on your test cases.

NumIbérica - training CFD software
NumIbérica CFD - Advanced Technical Support

Advanced Technical Support

In addition to standard technical support to CADENCE CFD and CFturbo software, we offer extended support packs to our customers, to help them solve their more challenging applications.

Turbomachinery (re)design

With the help of CFturbo and CADENCE CFD software, NumIbérica offers turbomachinery design according to your specific needs.

NumIbérica CFD - Turbomachinery re-design